Essay Revising and Editing – Guide 2022


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Once you are done with the hard part of the essay writing, the writing itself. It’s tempting to leave the essay untouched either out of exhaustion or overconfidence and have it submitted immediately. 


An essay writer may lose the plot when it comes to reviewing and editing the essay. is an online service for the students of United Kingdom (UK), United Arab Emirates (UAE), United States (US), Australia (AU), and Canada (CA) that will meet all their needs, no matter how difficult they are!


No matter how insightful and potent the contents of your essay are, if you haven’t revised your essay, more often than not you will end up with one that missed its mark. 


Revising and Editing is the process of looking at the finished product from different levels. It sees if the structure, the logical flow, and the arrangement of ideas are placed optimally. It also sees if the parts of the essay are defined and present for the reader’s navigation. Lastly, you will see the health of the writing itself, going over it sentence by sentence and then word by word. 



MyPerfectPaper provides flawless papers to students from United Arab Emirates (UAE), United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Australia (AU) and Canada (CA) in need of writing help.


Review and edit part of the process frees your essay of structural, grammatical and logical errors, and allows you to do justice to the research, the brainstorming, and the writing that you did for the essay.


First stage

The first stage involves the bigger picture and sees if the essay fulfills the requirements for the essay. During this initial stage, you will check your essay for the following:

  • A clearly stated thesis statement and whether it states what follows it in the essay. If not then you can tweak it to go with the rest of the essay.  
  • A strong hook that works. Making sure that the interest created by the hook doesn’t plummet right off.  
  • Each Idea flows in the transition to the next and creates a flow of the essay. 
  • The conclusion serves its purpose and serves as an accurate closure. 




Second Stage

The second stage involves the refinement of the sentences and ideas. You will make sure that:

  • There is an active voice present in the essay. 
  • There are no grammatical or punctuational mistakes. 
  • The examples and evidence are referenced and clearly presented. 
  • There are no redundant phrases, words, sentences: they carry the essay forward and are not dead weight. 
  • The transition is smooth and not overly dependent on transition words.




Third Stage

After you are done with laying down the structure correctly. You dive into correcting any errors in your writing. Any misplaced or misspelled words. Here, you can use various free tools online that can not only tell you about the spelling mistakes but also correct your punctuation; one example being Grammarly. 




There are many ways to edit the essay:



Reading the essay out loud



Believe it or not, this will let you catch many errors of voice and speech. Your hearing will pick up the mistakes as you read it out loud. You will not only hear your writing but will be able to picture the ideas that you planned to weave through your writing. 






Reading the essay backward



This technique works because your mind, being familiar with the text, cannot fill the blanks--unconsciously-- on the essay as you read. Reading it backward removes the logical relationships between the words and the brain sees and reads each word on its own. 






You might not be able to clear punctuational errors through this method but you definitely will see each spelling mistake.

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Write Hot, Revise Cold



Words to go by when editing and revising. Leave the writing after you are done with it, and come back to it after some time with a fresh mind. Doing the process as such will help you polish your essay and boost it with creativity juices, along with performing the mentioned tasks above with efficiency. provides excellent services to students in United States (US), United Kingdom (UK) , United Aarab Emirates (UAE), Canada (CA), and Australia (AU) who need help with their homework assignments.